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      Listen to the strong voice of the times and strengthen cultural self-confidence.

      Culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. The people have faith, the country has strength, and the nation has hope. On the occasion of the two sessions, representatives of famous painting and calligraphy artists have offered gifts and suggestions to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

1  沈安良竹笔作品


      Shen Anliang was born in June 1957 in Luoyang, Henan Province. He lives in Beijing. Cheng Siyuan, the founder of Chinese bamboo pen calligraphy and vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in October 1992, inscribed "the first bamboo pen in the world". He is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Calligraphy and Painting Professional Committee of the Chinese National Architecture Research Association, the member of the Chinese Calligrapher Association, the member of the Chinese Poetry Society, the vice-chairman of the World Artists Association, the chairman of the Chinese Bamboo Pen Calligraphy Association, the professor of the Chinese Calligraphy Art Research Institute, the visiting professor of the Three Gorges University, and the lifelong advisor of the Entreprene It is known as the inheritor of calligraphy culture, the leader of Chinese painting and calligraphy, and the new leader of contemporary painting and calligraphy.

2  沈安良竹笔作品









      Shen Anliang is the only master of calligraphy in contemporary Chinese calligraphy circle who waved his brush and danced his bamboo brush.

      The Third Global Chinese Influences Festival in 2017

      Winning the Bamboo Pen Art Lifelong Achievement Award

      The Fourth Global Chinese Influences Festival in 2018

      Forty Global Chinese Influential Persons Winning 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up

      The Bamboo Pen Prize for Special Contribution to Calligraphy Art

      Beginning in January 2019, Shen Anliang became the first Chinese contemporary book publisher to be promoted by 100 national online media to the whole country and even the whole world as follows:

      The epoch-making figure of the perfect combination of Chinese contemporary art and traditional culture。

3  沈安良竹笔作品










      Bamboo pen and bamboo pen calligraphy were invented in 1980 and patented in 1993. In 1996, bamboo pen and bamboo pen calligraphy were recorded in Guinness World Records.

      In August 1992, after receiving an interview at the invitation of the Beijing Liberation Army newspaper, he embarked on a professional art road for the inheritance and innovation of Chinese calligraphy art. In October 1992, the "Shen'an Liang Bamboo Pen Calligraphy Art Seminar" was held in Beijing and caused a sensation after 20 mainstream media news reports.

      In October 1992, Cheng Siyuan, Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress, inscribed "The First Bamboo Pen in the World".

      In August 1992, Hong Xuezhi, Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, inscribed "Cathay is a unique city".

      In 1994, Li Desheng, former vice-chairman of the CPC Central Committee, wrote the inscription "Create a unique school and strive for excellence".

      In 1993, Chi Haotian, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, inscribed "Dragon, Feifei and Phoenix Dance Write the World, When Mozhu Is Not a Hero".

      In 1992, General Sun Yi wrote the inscription "Shenzhou is absolute".

      In 1992, the honorary chairman of the Chinese Calligraphic Association, the world's leading calligrapher, Qigong inscribed "Shen Anliang's Bamboo Pen Calligraphy".

      In November 1992, at the invitation of CCTV's 52nd Variety Art Grand View, bamboo pen calligraphy was performed on the spot and became famous overnight in Shenzhou.

4  沈安良竹笔作品









      In 1993, Professor Niu Manjiang, a world-renowned biologist, wrote the inscription "Bamboo Pen Calligraphy is the best in China".

      In 1993, General Liu Zhijian wrote the inscription "China is unique".

      In 1993, Gao Zhanxiang, the executive vice minister of the Ministry of Culture, inscribed "Bamboo Pen Writes God".

      In 1993, Shen Peng, chairman of the Chinese Calligraphy Association, titled "Shen Anliang Bamboo Pen Calligraphy Exhibition".

      In March 1994, a grand exhibition of Shen'an Liang's bamboo pen calligraphy was held in the Chinese Art Museum, and a large number of reports from 40 mainstream media caused a sensation.

      In 2007, Zhang Hai, Chairman of the Chinese Calligraphy Association, inscribed "Shen An Liang's Bamboo Pen Calligraphy Art".

      In October 2013, Shen Anliang Calligraphy Museum opened in Eastern New District of Yiyang County, Henan Province.

      In January 2018, Shen Anliang's "Zhulong Academy" was established in Xiyuan Park, Luoyang City.

5  沈安良毛笔作品



      Since 1992, when he was invited to Beijing to develop calligraphy, he has been a professional calligrapher for 26 years. He has participated in many important social activities, such as creating huge works on the spot in Hawthorn and donating them to the society, which has aroused wide acclaim. He has also visited many countries in Korea and Europe to promote Chinese culture, calligraphy and art and international exchanges.

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